Smart Martian

by Full Body

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Recorded by Full Body at The Sanc
Mixed and Mastered by Hayden Ford
Art by Tyler Markowski


released December 25, 2016

Jack Chaffer: drums
Zach "Joe Smoke" Hallenbeck: vocals, bass
Jacob Kotler: guitar
Dylan Vaisey: vocals, guitar



all rights reserved


Full Body Rochester, New York



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Track Name: Magnesium Deficiency
i have a magnesium deficiency i think
its why i've been so mad i think
its what i think i'd tell a shrink
it hasn't been easy for you that much i can tell
yeah man it seems like you're in hell
it's fire consuming all thats well

what will you deconstruct today?
i'm glad you knew just what to say
words and thoughts all seem rehearsed
validation is a curse

im taking an herbal dietary supplement
she says it makes my condition mint
just have to roll off all the lint
your self-righteous actions make you seem much less aware
your sense of entitlement is not fair
everything thats not yours is shared


i don't hate you i'm just not like you
Track Name: Bad Vibes
bad vibes give me your bad vibes
they're all i need to really see
bad vibes give me your bad vibes
my bleeding heart has failed to start

if you don't say it loudly, no one will hear
scratch it on your arm with some ink and you'll be clear
write off all the scum who would ever think to disagree
because all of your mistakes belong to me

bad vibes give me your bad vibes
if they don't understand they never will
Track Name: Lazy Afternoons
hey what are you doing this afternoon?
its getting late and i'm pretty bored
i've got a car, i'll take you anywhere you want to go
anywhere you can afford ;)

and i just need to get away from this fucking place
it reminds me of everything i can't see
the guilt and the pain


and i would never change for you if you asked me to
you remind me of everything i can't see
the guilt and the fucking shame
atleast they won't ask whats your name
when you already feel the pain, you say what is mine?
do i have the time? oh babe, please stop crying :(

the sunset looks so pretty through the picture on your phone
i'll take the backseat and some blankets over being at home
but how long will this last? i know its just like me
give or take half an hour and i'll be on a killing spree

and i judge every move you make like its your last
and i can't help but compare you to what i've never had
but if you stay with me a little while more
i'll give you everything i have

when i'm with people i want to lie
when i'm alone i tend to get really high :)
but when i'm with you i've learned to get by
i guess i just haven't made up my mind
this time
Track Name: No Fun
what did you say? speak up a little more
buried away now this feels like a chore
you seem to have no regrets for what you've done
thats no fun

locked him away, a tower by the shore
built your castle on the sand, one day it will be no more
you seem to have no regrets for what you've done
thats no fun